To contact a tutor, please send an email to the address corresponding to your course.

IMPORTANT: When contacting the tutor email, please include your section and name of the professor you have so that the correct tutor can help you right away.

Note: If a course is not listed below, there are no tutors presently available for that course. Please check back regularly for further updates. As well, please check if you course has peer tutors with your professor instead of NATS-AID tutors if there aren't any updates.

Course Code Course Name Email
NATS 1500 Statistics and Reasoning in Modern Society nats1500tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1505 Understanding Cyberspace nats1505tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1515 Atmospheric Pollution nats1515tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1530 Science of Space Flight and Exploration nats1530tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1540 Theories of Dinosaur Extinction nats1540tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1575 Introduction to Forensic Science nats1575tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1585 Astronomy: Exploring the Universe nats1585tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1610 The Living Body nats1610tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1660 The Biology of Sex nats1660tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1670 Concepts in Human Health and Disease nats1670tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1675 Human Development nats1675tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1690 Evolution nats1690tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1700 Computers, Information and Society nats1700tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1740 Astronomy nats1740tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1745 History of Astronomy nats1745tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1765 Science, Experts and Citizens nats1765tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1775 Technology and Civilization nats1775tutors@gmail.com
NATS 1840 Science, Technology and the Environment nats1840tutors@gmail.com
NATS 1945 Physics and Technology for Future World Leaders nats1945tutor@gmail.com
NATS 1810 Energy natsaid1810tutor@gmail.com