Our Team

The NATS-AID Executive Team strive to ensure that the tutoring system is operating efficiently and effectively in a way that is most beneficial to natural science students. These 5 members are:

Olexandra (Senior Exec)

Yordel (Public Relations)

Adriana (Communication Facilitator)

Matt (Data Entry)

Caitlin (IT and Graphics Coordinator)

Please feel free to email the executive team should you have questions, comments or concerns, at natsaid@yorku.ca, and we will do our best to assist you.

For inquiries and concerns pertaining to NATS-AID, our executives, our class representatives, and our tutors, please submit this form with the required information. This is an alternative option to direct email communications with NATS-AID Executives through our email:


Please allow for at least 2 (two) days before you receive an email message reply from one of our executives.