Class Reps

Our Class Representatives service is provided to students currently enrolled in the courses listed below. Please email for more information or to get in touch with your Class Representative! In the email, please include your name, course, and question and our Class Representatives will get back to you as soon as they can!
NATS 1515
NATS 1510
NATS 1525
NATS 1530A
NATS 1540
NATS 1550
NATS 1570
NATS 1660
NATS 1670
NATS 1675
NATS 1690
NATS 1700
NATS 1720
NATS 1740B
NATS 1745A
NATS 1775
NATS 1780
NATS 1810A
NATS 1830
NATS 1840
NATS 1870
NATS 1920
NATS 1945